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Published: 27th May 2011
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Bria is an emergent softphone technology released by the market leader of desktop and mobile VoIP software products, Counterpath. Bria is an open standard SIP client. Bria softphone supports the iPhone, iPod, iPhone 3G, iPod 2nd generation, windows and Mac. Now, Bria for Andriod edition is available in the market as well.

SIP based server or service is required for Bria. Bria enables you to connect and communicate efficiently and it provides you superior security settings over VoIP products. It has the set-up for multi-call management such as, between two calls you can do swap, merge, or split. You can also use Wi-Fi or 3G connection to make or receive calls. Bria 3.2 has released with latest features and qualities. It lays the foundations for social networking strategy.

Bria 3.2 is the first and latest softphone technology by CounterPath that is based on Windows Presentation foundations (WPF), Cocoa for Mac, .net for windows. This is one of the best user interface frameworks with customization options currently available.

It allows you multiple account integration. A user can draw contacts from multiple sources such as local/company directories, XMPP, XCap, SIP SIMPLE, WebDav and Microsoft Outlook. This latest technology then integrates these disparate contact lists into single interface window and consolidates all multiple entries into single entries that hold all of the present information present in disparate directories.

This new application does not support IM application such as Yahoo, MSN that use proprietary protocols but it does support any XMPP and SIMPLE protocol based systems such as Google Talk, Facebook. Another great feature in Bria 3.2, it provides the ribbon toolbar.

This toolbar functions with outlook application to interact and combine with it to unite the two functionality sets. So, it enables user to not only place calls by clicking Microsoft Outlook contacts, the plug-in scans e-mails, identify phone names and numbers that user might want to call.

It provides click to call access to their users. A user can answer incoming calls from within Outlook. It means you donít have to leave outlook to do communication. Finally, this application offers you to initiate an SMS directly from a call field. These are number of great improvements for an intervening upgrade but stay tuned with CounterPath for plenty of latest news over the coming months.

To know about the features of this latest technology you can visit CounterPath Site.

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